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Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the paid security app that offers advanced features to keep your Mac safe. Screen shot courtesy of Coyote Moon, Inc. Bitdefender offers two security apps for the Mac a free Virus Scanner for Mac and the paid Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

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Best Antivirus For Mac

Intego is uniquely positioned as one of the only companies focusing solely on security for Macs since its founding in 1997. Intego’s latest Mac Premium Bundle X9 is an exceptional security software bundle…

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Since the Canon printer is one of the best wireless printers in the market, make a prudent decision and buy it. If you need a printer for personal use, this should be your choice. Canon MX492 Wireless All-IN-One Small Printer with Mobile or Tablet Printing, Air Print and Google Cloud Print Compatible is a cheap wireless printer which is. How to use printer presets in macOS Mar 12. 2017 3:00 AM in Printers. Macworld is your best source for all things Apple. …

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Whenever something pops into your mind, you open your browser to do a research on it. The browser is an old fashion way of searching things on the internet, whether you want to buy an accessory or search for a home remedy for common ailments.

Time is the only real test of how secure a browser is. We simply can’t know how secure they are until hackers have poked at them with their Cheetos-stained fingers for a while. We simply can’t know how secure they are until hackers have poked at them with their Cheetos-stained fingers for a…

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How to remove Mac viruses for free Mac malware is rare, but it does exist. Here’s how to remove Mac viruses for free if you’re one of the unlucky few, plus how to avoid getting infected in the.

Macs may be a far less tempting target for malware and viruses, but they’re not immune from attack. …

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Apple today released Safari 12 for macOS Sierra and High Sierra, introducing the same Safari improvements that are coming to macOS Mojave in the Safari 12 software bundled with that update.

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Download and Install macOS High Sierra without MAS. To make life easier, we came up with a more reliable workaround to directly download macOS from Apple server instead of via the Mac App Store, for previous macOS and OS X releases. MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 — The latest OS from Apple. Download the latest versions…

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